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Our Practitioners

Naomi Watson



Certificate IV Myopractic (Muskuloskeletal therapy)

Diploma Bowen Therapy

Diploma Remedial Massage

I opened Absolute Health & Harmony in June 2012 after working in a clinic for 12 years. Opening a clinic, or a wellness centre, has been a passion of mine since the beginning of my career in natural therapies.

I started my journey over 14 years ago, being lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with my father, who was well in to his career of Natural Health.  Over the  years of study and work, I have been blessed with three children, in which drives me to share my knowledge to helping and working with children and babies.

My modalities range from all aspects of Remedial Massage, which includes Myofascial Release, Trigger point, Lymphatic drainage, sports massage, Oncology & pregnancy Massage. However Bowen Therapy/Myopractic remains as my primary treatment that I do.

When I work with clients, it is important as a therapist to understand why the issue exists and strategies to help maintain balance within the body once treatment has relieved the pain. I believe that the body needs not just muscular adjustment, but also the correct nutrition to balance the healing of the body, and a regular exercise routine to maintain the strength in the body. This is where we are able to guide our clients at each stage of treatment to gain the optimum results long term.