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  • Banish the Massage guilt!!

    Posted on June 9, 2015 by in Uncategorized

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    So how many of us have mentioned to our friends that you’re off to a massage, and they reply with ‘oh aren’t you lucky’ or ‘wow I wish I had the time to fit that in’ or even ‘gee I wish I had the money to spend on myself to indulge’. Perhaps you’ve had to drop the kids off to be babysat, or scheduled around work, and you get that small little dragging feeling that you should really be doing something more constructive.

    But Massage isn’t about indulging or being lucky and we actually need to make time to prioritise it.

    Why? Well no matter who we are, what type of job we have, how many kids we have (if any) or how old we are, anyone can benefit from massage.

    We can get so caught up in looking after everybody else and being under deadlines for work, being on computers & electronics or being pushed through society, trying to keep up, chasing the clock, that we actually forget our own bodies needs.

    How many times have you Googled a number for a therapist while in agony, but then took weeks to get better. And all you did was turn to pick something up, or bend down and BAM the back lets you down.

    Over time the body copes with every day stresses. Such as neck tension while we’re on our technology devices, lower back stress while we have to sit down for long periods of time to work or from hard physical work, neck & shoulder tension from constantly picking the kids up and multitasking, just to name a few. With all these issues, the body has had to compensate for so long, and then it will get to a stage where it can no longer cope. It’s the body’s way of having a tantrum and saying ‘hay, I’ve been giving you hints for ages now, that’s it, I’m packing up and not working until you fix me’.

    Is it easier to pop a pill? Sure, it will reduce the pain, the pain may even disappear for a while. But it will only mask the symptoms. Leaving the actual cause still causing problems, and this is where compensation continues, and then it snow balls, by using other muscles, however, it can’t continue for long.

    The principal purpose of Remedial Massage is to speed venous blood return from the extremities (arms and legs) and heal damaged muscle firbres. Remedial Massage aids recovery from muscular strain by flushing the tissue of lactic acid, uric acid, and other metabolic wastes. It improves circulation and stretches the ligaments and tendons, keeping them subtle and young.  Remedial Massage also stimulates the skin and nervous system. There are ranges of techniques that a therapist can use to bring desired effects or responses.

    Having regular Massage, or therapy allows a Therapist to deal with issues that are underlying, before they can become problems. And if a problem does arise, then the body can usually respond much quicker.

    We need to look at Massage as an investment for your health, as a preventative measure.

    If you are without pain, then it enables you to be able to cope with everyday stresses more effectively. Allowing you to live your life to the fullest, to then help those that need you. I’ve always said to my mum clients, that looking after yourself is like stocking your pantry, or putting the oxygen mask on. You need to look after yourself, to be able to help the ones that rely on you.

    On average there’s 720 hours in a month, (keeping in mind 240 of those should be sleep) is it possible to take just ONE of those hours for yourself?


    So next time you feel you NEED a massage, BOOK it. No guilt, no second thought. It’s your health (and sanity) that you’re protecting.



    Naomi Watson

    Myopractic Therapist, Bowen Therapist & Remedial Massage