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  • How Bowen can help

    Posted on October 18, 2015 by in Uncategorized

    Not often I get a chance to see before and after x-rays of particular issues that I work with.

    In this case, it is my 12 year old daughter. From the moment she was born, I knew that she would have spinal issues. She was born premmie and therefore in a humidity crib for some time. When she was lying on her tummy I could see that her tiny little spine was out of alignment. I’ve kept an eye on it ever since.

    Over the last few years she has had quite a few medical health issues, one being chronic constipation, resulting in constant acute stomach pain. And as she has a high pain tolerance, it wasn’t brought to my attention until it was quite severe. Coinciding with the stomach pain, was her back pain. Knowing that I felt she would have issues, we followed up with X-Rays showing mild scoliosis, a 16 degree curvature of the spine. According to her GP, they don’t medically intervene until there is at least an 18 degree curvature. That was totally fine by me, I knew I could help. I knew that what I did would make a difference. We just needed a starting point.

    At the same time, she was tested for pyrrole, a condition where the body doesn’t hold Zinc and Vitamin B. If the body isn’t being fed right, then it can’t heal correctly. An imbalance in nutrients won’t support the circulation and therefore there becomes a lack of regeneration in the muscle tissues.

    Along with getting on the right track with what her body needs, we also did a few intensive treatments of Bowen therapy. We started with therapy once a week, for 3 weeks. I worked from balancing the pelvis, and the imbalance in leg length discrepancy. I would also work with the Atlas, the first vertebrae, if there is pressure or a slip, this interrupts the rest of the body. The main important muscles that we worked with were the Psoas muscles, they are the deep core muscles, and these pesky ones are responsible for many back related issues. After the initial treatments, we then treated once a month. As a muscle therapist, I follow the simple knowledge that your muscles are responsible for the movement of the skeletal system. Working by releasing the contracted & dysfunctional muscle and by rehabilitating the muscles, we are able to make a change to the skeletal imbalance. This also helps to reduce nerve pressure and once you start making the changes, the body then goes from a negative cycle to a positive cycle.

    Negative cycle

    Injury>pain>restricted movement>lack of circulation>unable to heal>muscle becomes contacted>lack of movement>pain

    Positive Cycle

    Reduction of pain>more movement>increased circulation>healing of muscle>gain muscle strength>maintain posture>no pain

    With not having so much back pain, she has been able to enjoy her sports more, and doing a combination of Gymnastics & Obstacle training has been able to give her more strength and support he skeletal system correctly.

    14 months later, we had follow up X-Rays, which now shows a reduction in her curvature. This is fantastic. Not just are the results there in the x-ray but also in her life style. She is happier, more active and even has more clarity with her school work. The best part, hardly any pain. No constipation and only the odd day where she feels the pain in her back. She will most likely have issues for the rest of her life, however if she can continue regular treatment (which can be even down to twice a year), keep up with physical exercise and ensure she keeps on with the right nutrients, she will be able to maintain these results for longer. IMG_1812

    Results in just 14 months with Bowen therapy